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Get everything your agency needs from a one-stop, white-label WordPress partner

Whether or not your agency currently offers WordPress-related services, partnering with AURA is one of the fastest ways to grow your business without the typical headaches. You’ll receive white-label services under your agency’s brand.

If you’re aiming to expand your client base and offer more digital services, extra help is essential to manage the increased workload.
At AURA, we provide white-label solutions tailored to your agency’s needs, regardless of its current size.

Neither too big nor too small, your agency is unique to us.

Top-Notch White Label WordPress Agency

Over the years, we have discovered the most efficient way to handle multiple digital projects simultaneously, all based on WordPress. As your white-label partners, we can meet your expectations from minute zero by providing you with a bulletproof workflow.

Through this process, your agency can enjoy significant benefits, including optimized communication, cost minimization, and improved workflows.
It’s that simple —effortless for you.

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We have created our own way of doing things, and we execute it with excellence, aligning with the latest quality standards set by the digital industry.

Typical Turnaround Time

Over the years, we have designed and developed hundreds of WordPress websites, giving us a strong understanding of the duration of each related task.

On Budget
On Time

In a project-based outsourcing model, the typical turnaround time for a project to be ready for its first review is ten business days, but this may be influenced by various factors.

Primarily, factors such as the complexity of the requirements, the launch deadline, the efficiency with which the partner agency delivers the assets required for the production process, and the availability of the AURA project calendar can influence the timeline.

The turnaround time for projects is provided, taking into account holidays, weekends, current availability, and workload.


Project Management

We are agile enough so that your agency can also communicate the status of your projects to your clients in a timely manner.

Real-Time Project Tracking

For the efficient management of WordPress projects, we use tools such as ActiveCollab, Trello, Asana, or any other you prefer. We will keep you informed minute-by-minute about any aspect of the project and its progress.

AURA offers a straightforward and efficient work process because we strive to work together in sync and achieve successful results promptly.


The quality of work done by AURA is backed by a Free 30-Day Bug-Fix Limited Guarantee, covering any WordPress-related issues that may arise after project delivery.

Free Limited
30-Day Bug-Fix

Our team works 24/7, always ready to solve any problem within the guarantee period, except for issues arising from new plugins installed by you or your client, new code added, incorrect management of the website, or hacker attacks.

Additionally, for anything not covered by the guarantee, we offer affordable WordPress Care Plans.




We offer three flexible collaboration models: project-based, retainer fee-based, and dedicated team-based, each with unique advantages for your agency.


Best suited for agencies with a one-off need, a small budget, and short-term business goals. Working under this model provides an opportunity to test AURA’s teamwork and the quality of our work.

Later, it can be turned into a retainer partnering agreement for additional benefits, ensuring the availability of our services on a priority basis for your agency.


More suitable for agencies with a clear vision of their future, ample potential for long-term operations, and the goal to develop multiple WordPress projects. The retainer model, a monthly fee paid upfront, is cost-efficient and allows you to have a dedicated agency always working for you.

This model involves an agreement between your agency and AURA to work together for a minimum of 12 months. Paying a flat monthly fee gives you the advantage of scaling your team easily and reserving our agency’s time and resources for you.



Responsible Labor Practices: Recognizing concerns about international outsourcing, AURA is committed to upholding ethical labor practices.

Fair Compensation, Happy Talent: At AURA, we prioritize fair compensation for our talented Argentine team, offering competitive salaries within the local market, and fostering a rewarding work-life balance for everyone. It’s a win-win for both quality and employee satisfaction.

Global Expertise, Cost Savings for You: Leveraging our Argentina location, we provide skilled WordPress services at a fraction of US market rates—typically ranging from 30 to 50% less than US market salaries. We invest in our team’s well-being to ensure they feel valued, resulting in high performance and client satisfaction.

At AURA, it’s always a win-win; we can’t imagine it any other way.


Your agency can benefit from the same hourly rate offered by a freelance developer, but with the solid backing of a white-label agency that only AURA can provide.

Hourly Rate

By partnering with AURA, you can scale your team without increasing your overhead or worrying about hiring and training new employees, along with taxes associated with the in-house hiring model, and more.

Now, you don’t have to worry about investing in space and other necessary resources, such as computers, that an employee would need to work.

Key Points:

  • Easier to request design/development changes on the fly.
  • Better if you do not have a clear vision of the Scope of Work (SOW).
  • Less financial control / Harder to control costs.
  • More flexible than a Fixed Rate Quote but also more expensive as additional hours are added to the project.

Fixed Rate

According to the brief, AURA will review and confirm the project scope (SOW) to estimate the effort needed, enabling us to offer you a quote at a fixed price.

This way, as a partner, you can have financial control of your projects. No catches, no fine print!

Key Points:

  • Limited room to request design/development changes on the fly.
  • Better if you have an accurate vision of the Scope of Work (SOW).
  • More financial control / Easier to control costs.
  • Less flexible than an Hourly Rate Quote but also less expensive as no additional hours are added to the project.


We are time zone-friendly, working in three different time slots, always ready to collaborate with your agency according to your local time.
The time zone doesn’t really matter.

Los Angeles


Mexico City






Buenos Aires











At AURA, we take confidentiality very seriously. Trust our commitment to invisibility –we will never reveal your identity or the work we do for you.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

We understand your privacy concerns, and that’s why we are willing to work under a confidentiality agreement that protects your client’s identity, ideas, and all information related to your project.

We are loyal to our partners and want to provide peace of mind, assuring you that we will do everything possible to reduce the risk of sensitive data being stolen or shared with competitors or third parties.

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our partners by offering a genuine white-label experience.


At AURA, we strive to provide you with an optimal user experience, but technology is unpredictable.

If something doesn’t work as you expect while browsing this site, please let us know. We will fix it as soon as we can to improve UX.

Thanks in advance for your time.
Webmaster @ Aura

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