Development Standards

The goals are dreams with deadlines and standards,
the guidelines to achieve them successfully.

A project standard ensures on-time delivery of high-end quality websites.

It’s well-known that standards help avoid common errors and delays, also simplify the project management process by making it more efficient.

In Aura we strive to achieve an optimal result for our partners, so we created a process according to the highest standards of design, development and support, in which each project is executed under these quality regulations.

Setting on in-house process as a project standard guarantees the control of each stage involved in the production of the kind of project you need exceeding expectations since day one.

We have developed our own way of doing things, to be able to do them in the right way.

In short, we cover you with everything you need.

Finding a white label partner who consistently offers quality work can be challenging.

Luckily for your agency, our design and development workflow, clean and well-commented code, plus a careful quality control process, will do less.

We can assist your agency at every stage involved in a WordPress project, from design, coding to launch, and support ensuring a successful outcome.

Quality Assured
What We'll Do
Our work methodology guarantees a world-class result through the following key points.
  • Initially build the site on our white label dev server
  • Use the most current available version of WordPress by the time project is started
  • Create well-commented CSS files, clearly broken into sections and organized in a logical order
  • Discourage search engines from indexing the site on our staging server
  • Include the essential plugins always taking care of safety and performance aspects
  • Can also include different plugins requested by the agency and deliver a detailed list of installed plugins
As Steve Jobs said, “deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.”
  • Use a pirated or “nulled” plugin/theme version under any circumstances. Never. This implies a high risk and a violation of the corresponding copyright and its terms of use
  • Perform SEO optimization of the website unless specifically requested in the original specifications during the quoting stage
  • Never display any project in the portfolio or send links privately to the work we do
  • Never reveal the name of the agencies for whom we work
  • Never leave any trace of Aura in the code
What We Won't