WordPress Care Plans

Leave your WordPress maintenance worries behind,
we'll always have your back!

Let our multi-skilled team fully manage, protect and enhance your client's website like never before.

Every website requires regular attention on security issues, backups, updates and continuous improvements. In short, WordPress needs some love to achieve optimal performance.

This kind of prepaid service makes life easier for the team of partner agencies, because by hiring a monthly Care Plan they have the peace of mind that everything related to security, backups, updates, up-time monitoring, and solution in case if a problem arises, it is covered.

On the other hand, there is the option of choosing the One-Time Fix service, perfect for solving small problems or requiring minor tasks, and One-Time Cleanup, a 24/7 emergency service ideal for malware removal, cleaning of infected website , systemic analysis and preventive hardening that helps reduce the risk of future infections.

Website Care & Support
Get the most comprehensive WordPress Care Plans on the market at affordable prices exclusively for partner agencies.

One-Time Fix

Valid 1 Support Ticket
$ 69
  • ( one-time payment )
  • Perfect for Solving Small Issues
    or Requiring Minor Tasks
  • A minor task may be changes to text on a page, fix a mobile layout bug or something that we can take care of in under 30 minutes.

One-Time Cleanup

Valid 1 Support Ticket
$ 129
  • ( one-time payment )
  • Malware Infection Emergency
    Removal Service
  • This highly detailed service will get your website back online and make sure that is fully cleaned and secured to prevent future infections.

Agency One

1 WordPress Website
$ 49
99 /mo
  • ( billed $150 every 3 months )
  • or $550/yr ( 2 Months Free )
  • Five 15-30 minutes of Small Tasks FREE every 24 hours per site
  • Weekly WordPress Core, Theme
    & Plugins Updates
  • Basic Firewall & Security Hardening
  • Monthly Cloud Backups
  • Weekly Uptime Monitoring
  • Basic Speed Optimization (no SEO)
  • Weekly G PageSpeed Scans
  • CDN CloudFlare Plan Free
  • HTTPS/SSL Site Conversion
  • Basic WooCommerce Support
  • Website Migration (if needed)
  • Priority & Emergency Support
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support
    —Email & Live Chat—
  • Monthly Maintenance Report
  • Complete Malware Removal

Agency Bundle

Up to 5 WordPress Websites
$ 149
99 /mo
  • — $30/mo cost per website —
    ( billed $450 every 3 months )
  • or $1500/yr ( 2 Months Free )
  • Unlimited 15-30 minutes of Small Tasks FREE every 24 hours per site
  • Daily WordPress Core, Theme
    & Plugins Updates
  • Basic Firewall & Security Hardening
  • Weekly Cloud Backups
  • Daily Uptime Monitoring
  • Basic Speed Optimization (no SEO)
  • Daily G PageSpeed Scans
  • CDN CloudFlare Plan Free
  • HTTPS/SSL Site Conversion
  • Basic WooCommerce Support
  • Website Migration (if needed)
  • Priority & Emergency Support
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support
    —Email & Live Chat—
  • Monthly Maintenance Report
  • Complete Malware Removal
SAVE $100/MO

— all prices are in us dollars —

World-Class Maintenance Services

If you have any WordPress related issue, just get in touch as we can fix the most common cases and also those that are somewhat weird.
WordPress Hardening
& Malware Cleanup
Responsive Design
& CSS Issues
Page Speed Optimization
& Improvements
Updates, Backups
& Migration
WordPress Multilingual
& WPML Issues
White Screen Error
& Database Fix
WooCommerce Setup
& Customization
Cross-Browser CSS
Elementor & Page
Builders Issues
Setting Up New Features
& Tweaks
Navigation Menus
& Blog Layouts
Uptime & Security
Marketing Automation
& Tracking Codes
Hosting Control Panel
Global Functionalities
& Forms Issues
WP Admin Dashboard

How it Works

This is how we give you peace of mind that your client's website is completely updated and protected against malicious attacks.

Get a fast, simple, secure, reliable and affordable ongoing support.

Website Onboarding Process

You don’t have to handle it everything anymore because our Care Plans are the easiest and safest way to keep WordPress running like a swiss watch, get peace of mind for your agency, and a smile for your client.

— Phase 1 —


If we did not develop your website, we’ll first need to go through a Website Discovery to become familiar with it.

We’ll perform an analysis of site setup, including theme, plugins, database and structure, how it was built, and any potential issues that can arise.

Most importantly, you’ll receive a report of our findings with a status of your site, recommendations on what could be improved, and what is working well.


When you purchase a Care Plan One or Bundle, you receive FREE of charge a comprehensive initial update for each site included in the contracted plan.

Valid for updating the core, plugins and themes available at wordpress.org only. Not valid for premium and custom versions.

Troubleshooting is not included neither content edition nor the implementation of functionalities.


Keep in mind that before buying any of our monthly maintenance plans, your website must be healthy, since the Care Plans are valid only for websites that are running correctly.

If that is not the case because your WordPress has issues, is broken or infected, considerer that you must first buy a One-Time Cleanup or One-Time Fix Plan to fix it.

— Phase 2 —


We take every key point very seriously and try our best to strike a balance between freedom, security, and performance.

Also, we are always proactive in preventing security issues, however nobody can assume they will never come up. If it happens, we’ll work to figure out the best solution to fix it in no time.


On a monthly basis we compile and send you a white-label report detailing updates made, performance grade and optimizations made, backups taken, security scans run and details of uptime and downtime.

In addition, each monthly plan includes direct communication with real humans via chat or WhatsApp, whatever you prefer.


We love teamwork and we are sure that you love it too! So, each monthly plan includes minor tasks that help improve the website and we also perform small courtesy tasks every month easing the burden for your agency’s team.

A small task may be changes to text on a page, swap a photo, fix a mobile layout bug or anything our seasoned pros can do for you under 30 minutes.

— FAQ —

Yes. We require payment first because these are prepaid services, this also secures instant support on your issue and makes sure our WordPress experts will work until they resolve it.

Our service is 24/7 and tickets are worked on in the order they are received. As soon as you submit your ticket details, a team member is assigned.

We strive to resolve all issues within a few hours of receiving them, but it depends on the complexity of the case and the particularities of the website. We aim to provide same day turnaround!

We have three teams. Everyone works 8 hours a day. This allows us to be available 24 hours a day six days a week, plus Sundays we have emergency guards.

This is very important because we work for agencies around the world with different time zones.

We have a cutting-edge ticket system that all your details are entered in and allows you to communicate with your agent instantly any time you want. You can also reply directly to any ticket update emails and your reply will be entered in our ticket system automatically.

We can fix any single request that involves WordPress. A single request is the specific task you need completed when you submit your ticket details.

Yes. Our team are highly skilled in all things WordPress. This includes WordPress core framework, themes and plugins. We are also very familiar with WordPress hosting setup and server requirements for WordPress.

In both cases we are talking about 30-60 minutes or less in time and generally simple in nature. Plugin installation, header layout change, footer layout change, sidebar setting up, contact form setting up, text alignment and CSS issues; these all we consider as small changes and minor tasks.

In those cases where we identify that a task could take more than 30 minutes, we’ll let you know in advance so you can decide the next steps to follow. Usually, we first address the issue and then let you know what your best options are so that it can be resolved in the most convenient way.

If the problem has a certain complexity due to its nature or the dependencies involved, you have the possibility to buy blocks of time at an affordable price.

Basically, after buying a monthly Care Plan, you can submit 1 minor task each day per website. In short, you can request a maximum of 30 small changes or minor tasks per month.

We are offering the most complete WordPress Care Plan on the market, which means that you pay a relatively low monthly amount comparing the benefits your agency gets.

Keep in mind that we make small changes as a courtesy. We hope you can understand that you are not hiring us for development, design or monthly content editing.

Yes. Our service requires that you pay in advance the price marked for the required task, regardless of how long it takes to complete.

We receive tickets that can be resolved in minutes and also some that take several hours based on the complexity and yet we don’t always charge the extra corresponding to the additional effort.

Yes, we do! If you are looking for any kind of additional WordPress related services then you can place request via our contact form and we’ll get back to shortly at your local time.

No. These plans only cover the intervention on a single website.

If you have several websites that require attention and you want a service for each of them, then you need to buy a package for each one.

You can also get the Care Plan Agency Bundle or request a plan adapted to your needs.

In the event that your website has a major issue, we will be there to solve it as soon as possible.

Our hack-free guarantee doesn’t mean that your site is impossible to hack. It means we will do everything in our power to avoid it, and if it happens, we can quickly restore it at no additional cost to your agency.

If you choose the One-Time Fix or One-Time Cleanup option, then you will make a one-time payment, which you must pay in advance at the moment of opening the support ticket.

If you decide on a monthly Care Plan, then the payment will be recurring every month, being billed every 3 months or annually according to your convenience. For example, let’s suppose you buy a pack on January 12, the charge for renewal will be on February 12 and will be billed annually automatically.

Without contract. Cancel anytime.

Absolutely transparent. Of course, we would not want to lose you, but you can cancel at any time.

Just send us your cancellation request by chat or email. We will stop the services at the end of the current month and the service will be automatically canceled. That’s it! No catches and no fine print.