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The same hourly rate of a freelance developer.
The solid backing of a white label agency.

Get everything
your agency needs
in a one-stop white label partner.

If you need more capacity because your agency staff is overwhelmed, this is when our team becomes your backup unit helping you share the burden.

Certainly, partnering with Aura is more than outsourcing because we work as an extension of your team, and we know how to handle any high-profile development keeping in mind the time-frame goal-focused deliveries.

We successfully work with agencies in different time zones, so we’re happy to make additional adjustments to our working hours according to your local time.

We are WordPress specialists.
We can help with

Outstanding Web Design focused on creating the best user experience and conversion rate.

We create a web design that looks great, focused on WordPress using the latest techniques, trends and tools, always keeping in mind a strategy that helps convert more website visitors into customers.

We can slot right into your existing design process and can be completely flexible in terms of how we deliver the design work according to your preferences.


Optimized WordPress Development applying the best practices of PageSpeed and SEO.

We specialize in coding bespoke websites using cutting-edge technologies. We are a sufficiently dynamic and flexible team that makes sure that we meet deadlines and your agency’s expectations.

We can help your agency in each stage involved in a WordPress development, before, during and after the project completion, guaranteeing a successful outcome.

Whether we’ve developed a project for you or not yet, you are not alone in the dark.

Our remote team works 24/7 to help you tackle any of your agency’s client website issues, such as monitoring and updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins, backups, performance optimization, malware removal, etc.

We can fix any issue, keep everything up-to-date, and cover the bases of a healthy website in order to be safe, optimized and running smoothly.

Work Process
This is how we meet your expectations on time and on budget through a fast, simple and dependable process from initial meeting to launch.

The first step is to schedule an initial virtual meeting or call to find out your agency needs and expectations.


According to the brief Aura will review and confirm the project’s scope, and a fixed budget will be provided for you.

Task / Project

After your agency approves the quote, we set a project/task calendar and get to work as soon as possible.

QA Testing
& Review

We send you the deliverables to get your feedback and then make the necessary adjustments until you feel happy.

& Delivery

The closing stage and final delivery phase will depend on whether the work was design, development or timely support.

— FAQ —

White Label Services

White Label Services means that we code all websites as a subcontractor of agencies, leaving no trace about us and without having any contact with the end customers.

In fact, we do not take credit for the work at all, but the projects are developed as if they were developed by our partner’s agency, and we allow them to label them as their own.

According to the brief received from your agency, Aura will jointly review and confirm the scope of the project and its requirements, and after estimating the effort we can send you a fixed price quote with an affordable hourly rate.

This feature is designed so that partner agencies can have better financial control of their WordPress projects and an optimized profit margin.

We’ve developed hundreds of WordPress websites over the years and have a tight grip on how long things take.

So, our project managers will achieve on time, on budget, goal-focused delivery any high-end projects.

We understand that fluid communication is a key point to promote the relationship between the teams of both agencies. Aura uses tools that help us organize tasks and projects, view pending, responsible and the status of ongoing projects.

You can communicate with us on a daily basis via WhatsApp, Google Meet, Slack and Trello, or any other efficient platform. We will keep you informed about any aspect of the project so that, in turn, your agency can also communicate to your clients the status of their projects.

Our biggest challenge is adding value to your agency’s production chain. We work with special attention to detail, always focused on achieving superior quality results in all the services we offer, be it WordPress Design, WordPress Development or WordPress Support.

We are fans of process optimization because we know that an efficient process means being more productive, and this in turn helps improve profit margins.

Years of trial and error, profitable projects and others not so much. The point is that the experience gained allowed us to develop our own way of doing things (to be able to do them the right way), and today more than ever we are ready to help boost your agency to its next level.

We work under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), completely invisible to your clients and we leave no trace in the code.

As a White Label Agency we work behind the scenes and make your agency look like a rock star in front of its clients. We always protect the identity of our partners.

Aura is much more than WordPress outsourcing, it’s a true white-label experience.

You can trust Aura.

WordPress Design

The goal of the User-Centered Design (UCD) is to make products which have very high usability. Fortunately for your agency, our pro team includes multidisciplinary skills on this matter.

It is well known that user-centered design is an iterative design process in which designers focus on end users and their needs at every stage of the design process. So, before starting the design process, we usually require the partner agency to provide us with detailed information about the market and its client’s product, specifying the consumer’s profile and context of use.

Optimizing the conversion rate is important because it reduces the costs of acquiring new customers by obtaining more value from visitors.

The web design best practices are the key to achieve an optimal conversion rate, so we focus on the latest standards about navigation structures, color scheme, responsive layouts, content organization applying the information architecture principles, and a proper utilization of call-to-action elements, among others.

A valuable effort that makes a difference: as professional designers, it’s our duty to create a web design that can promote an optimal user experience.

This matter is not easy to achieve, requires some important things to consider in relation to the user interface and their interaction journey, among others; always keeping a simple functionality to the end-users and being friendly with the main browsers and devices of the market.

WordPress Development

We love using Elementor because it’s a WordPress plugin that greatly speeds up web coding and with some “magic” allows to get a full-responsive result.

However, over the years we have used practically all the page-builders that exist in the market, including Divi, Beaver, Thrive Architect and WP Bakery Page Builder, among others.

Of course, we can also directly encode in HTML / CSS, use Bootstrap, JavaScript and other typical full stack web development stuff.

The Elementor Pro version offers the possibility of including data of dynamic origin, which added to the versatility of JetEngine reduces the effort usually necessary for the creation of “custom” type websites.

While the free version of Elementor is usually quite enough for most projects, it is quite limited for creating dynamic websites. The same thing happens with the rest of the page builders on the market in their free versions.

Although the Aura team can perfectly develop custom-style sites using ACF as it was done in the past, the truth is that in terms of costs the use of Elementor Pro + JetEngine is more efficient.

Furthermore, we know that both your agency team and your end clients will love the ease with which they can edit the dynamic content of the WordPress site developed with the integration of these technologies.

The typical turnaround time for a project to be ready for its first review by the partner agency is around 5 to 15 business days, of course this varies depending on the complexity of the requirements and the efficiency with which the partner agency performs the delivery of assets.

In the planning phase of the project schedule, both agencies must consider the time required for the review/feedback rounds between your agency and Aura, and between your agency and its final client.

Sometimes it happens that our partner needs to make some adjustments regarding the initial proposal and this can extend delivery times up to a week or more, depending on the type of request.

All projects will be developed in the Aura white label server environment, high security and strict confidentiality.

However, Aura offers two contracting options regarding to the development environment.

This means that the partner agency can choose whether its projects will be developed in the Aura White Label Development Server or in its own development environment.

Option 1: Aura White Label Development Server

High security and confidentiality: projects are contracted by paying 50% as in advance. Remaining balance at the end and before the migration or delivery of the final files as agreed.

Option 2: Partner Agency Development Server

Absolute control and use of own url: projects are contracted paying 50% as in advance + an additional 25% as a guarantee deposit. Remaining balance at the end and before delivery of the final documentation of the project deploy.

Aura will perform a first quality control test, but you know that two heads (or more) are better than one, so it’s a good idea to do a QA testing along with the partner agency and verify everything in a double process check.

The quality control process covers the most important key points based on the latest market standards to ensure high-end results. We focus on QA Functional, QA Responsive, QA Cross-browsing, QA Content and QA Design, this latter allows to verify that the coding is accurate regarding to the graphic web design.

Aura will take care of securing each WordPress project by applying best practices of preventive protection and hardening.

In addition, a guide is provided with maintenance suggestions and improvements, containing some tips about the implementation of a CDN service, SSL certificate for secure site, content caching, PageSpeed optimization, etc.

Once the development stage is complete, we deliver the final project documentation to your agency in a well-structured way.

This documentation registers the plugins used, their version and purpose of use; the core version of WordPress, as well as notes and comments on some basic issues to keep in mind.

We also deliver a document with the “real” hosting requirements so that the partner agency can confirm with your provider if some of their plans offer the resources that WordPress requires according to its latest version. This is critical to achieve good performance.

Optionally, for an affordable price, our partner can obtain a video tutorial with the specific topics that he considers essential to facilitate the handling of WordPress for his client.

We know that the migration process can be somewhat tedious since you have to deal with very specific technical issues. Fortunately, partner agencies have the support of the Aura team, because we’re specialists in WordPress and web technologies.

We have experience in the advanced administration of different VPS hosting panels, mainly BlueHost, DreamHost, SiteGround, WP Engine, HostGator, DigitalOcean, Hostinger, and GoDaddy among others.

Some points to keep in mind about the migration process:

  1. Aura does not offer any hosting service. However, we can suggest some providers and recommend certain plans that meet WordPress requirements.

  2. Aura deals with migration. At the end of the project, the Aura team takes care of the migration / deployment process.

  3. Aura offers up to 2 hours free of charge to run the migration process. If the process exceeds that time due to complications in the hosting service (which do not depend on Aura), the partner agency must pay the corresponding additional fees.

  4. Aura must confirm that the final invoice is fully paid in order to migrate the project from the development server to the production environment.

  5. Aura migrates free of charge only once per project either: a) from the Aura white label server to the partner agency server, b) from the Aura white label server to the production agency of the partner agency client, c) from the partner agency development server to the partner agency client production server.

WordPress Support

Aura offers WordPress website maintenance and support service through the Care Plan options that cover most of the agency needs.

You can choose between One-Time Fix service for only $ 69.99, perfect for solving small issues or requiring minor tasks.

On the other hand, any effective website requires regular attention to security, backups, updates and improvements to achieve optimal performance, so you can choose a monthly Care Plan for this matter.

Get the most complete WordPress Care Plans on the market at affordable prices exclusively for agencies and leave your maintenance worries behind. Really!

View WordPress Care Plans

Throughout the development process our QA specialists provide extra oversight to ensure a quality product is delivered back to you.

Before delivery, you will also get a chance to review the site on our feedback server and we will correct any deviations from the project brief at no additional cost.

If you have additional requests at this stage, we will do our best to fit it into our development schedule and reserve the right to re-quote it if we estimate it will take more than a couple of hours to fix.

After you have agreed that the site is ready and we have delivered it to you, we offer 90 days of free bug fix. Read more about this in the next point.

We code all sites with close attention to detail. In addition to quality checking all projects, we also guarantee the result by offering 90 days of free bug fix.

Business is business, it’s true, but better if it is done under a win-win agreement that allows building a long-term partner relationship.

We also offer ongoing support via our WordPress Care Plans.