WordPress Support

We don't just fix any WordPress related issues.
Through our services we support your business and the business of your clients as well.

If something suddenly goes wrong with any WordPress website, we can take care of it and fix it in no time

WordPress can sometimes be a nightmare… But it is also the most popular CMS in the world powering 65% of all websites on the internet. The facts speak for themselves.

Few things cause as much frustration as when one of your clients’ website crashes or something doesn’t work as expected. But don’t worry, whether we’ve developed a project for you (or not yet), you’re not alone in the dark.

Our multi-skilled team works 24/7, always ready to help you solve any problem that may arise.

We can fix the most common cases and also the odd ones through our prepaid One-Time Fix and One-Time Cleanup WordPress support services.

WordPress Hardening
& Malware Cleanup
Responsive Design
& CSS Issues
Page Speed Optimization
& Improvements
Updates, Backups
& Migration
WordPress Multilingual
& WPML Issues
White Screen Error
& Database Fix
WooCommerce Setup
& Customization
Cross-Browser CSS
Elementor & Page
Builders Issues
Setting Up New Features
& Tweaks
Navigation Menus
& Blog Layouts
Uptime & Security
Marketing Automation
& Tracking Codes
Hosting Control Panel
Global Functionalities
& Forms Issues
WP Admin Dashboard


This services are designed to provide you with quick support in case of an emergency
or to carry out specific tasks.

No longer worry about any bugs or conflicts on WordPress websites

AURA offers you three on-demand services designed to cover the specific needs of your client’s website.

You can choose the one that best suits your case: One-Time Fix, One-Time Update, and One-Time Cleanup.

You can order any one-time service RISK-FREE. If we’re unable to fix your site, we’ll refund 100% of your money.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in ongoing support, you can always sign up for one of our monthly WordPress Care Plans. No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime. Learn More

One-Time Fix

— Valid 1 Support Ticket —
$ 99
  • ( one-time payment )
  • Perfect for Solving Small Issues
    or Requiring Minor Tasks
  • This fee covers only one fix at a time.
    A fix is a task that can be completed by our team within 30-60 minutes. It could be a plugin update, small content changes, a critical error, or fixing most technical issues.

One-Time Update*

— Valid 1 Support Ticket —
$ 129
  • ( one-time payment )
  • For Updating Under-Maintained WordPress Websites
  • This service covers the essential updates required for WordPress to function properly. Plugins, Themes and Core Files, everything is covered to ensure that your client's website is always functional and secure.

One-Time Cleanup

— Valid 1 Support Ticket —
$ 199
  • ( one-time payment )
  • Malware Infection Emergency
    Removal Service
  • This highly specialized service will get your website back online in no time.
    It will also ensure that it is completely clean and protected to reduce the risk of future infections by applying hardening techniques.

*The One-Time Update service does not cover plugins and themes that have been developed under the custom modality.
On the other hand, it also does not cover any issues, malfunctions or infected websites. For such cases you can choose between
One-Time Fix or One-Time Cleanup services, as appropriate to the situation of your website.

— all prices are in us dollars —


At AURA, we strive to provide you with an optimal user experience, but technology is unpredictable.

If something doesn’t work as you expect while browsing this site, please let us know. We will fix it as soon as we can to improve UX.

Thanks in advance for your time.
Webmaster @ Aura

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