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We don't just fix any WordPress-related issues.
Through our services, we support your business and the business of your clients as well.

If something suddenly goes wrong with any WordPress website, we can take care of it and fix it in no time

WordPress can sometimes be a nightmare, but it is also the most popular CMS in the world, powering 65% of all websites on the internet. The facts speak for themselves.

Few things cause as much frustration as when one of your clients’ websites crashes or something doesn’t work as expected. But don’t worry, whether we’ve developed a project for you (or not yet), you’re not alone in the dark.

Our multi-skilled team works 24/7, always ready to help you solve any problem that may arise.

We can fix the most common cases and also the odd ones through our prepaid One-Time Fix and One-Time Cleanup WordPress support services.

Besides these one-shot services, you can choose one of our WordPress Care Plans to have peace of mind that your website works flawlessly every single day, no exceptions here!

Our comprehensive care plans keep it healthy, secure, optimized, and working flawlessly. Partner agencies get exclusive access to our market-leading plans at unbeatable prices.

WordPress Hardening
& Malware Cleanup
Responsive Design
& CSS Issues
Page Speed Optimization
& Improvements
Updates, Backups
& Migration
WordPress Multilingual
& WPML Issues
White Screen Error
& Database Fix
WooCommerce Setup
& Customization
Cross-Browser CSS
Elementor & Page
Builders Issues
Setting Up New Features
& Tweaks
Navigation Menus
& Blog Layouts
Uptime & Security
Marketing Automation
& Tracking Codes
Hosting Control Panel
Global Functionalities
& Forms Issues
WP Admin Dashboard


These services are designed to provide you with quick support in case of an emergency or to carry out specific tasks.

No longer worry about any bugs or conflicts on WordPress websites

AURA offers you three on-demand services designed to cover the specific needs of your client’s website.

You can choose the one that best suits your case: One-Time Fix, One-Time Update, and One-Time Cleanup.

You can order any one-time service RISK-FREE. If we’re unable to fix your site, we’ll refund 100% of your money.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in ongoing support, you can always sign up for one of our monthly WordPress Care Plans. No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime.

One-Time Fix

— Valid 1 Support Ticket —
$ 99
  • ( one-time payment )
  • Perfect for Solving Small Issues
    or Requiring Minor Tasks
  • This fee covers only one fix at a time.
    A fix is a task that can be completed by our team within 30-60 minutes. It could be a plugin update, small content changes, a critical error, or fixing most technical issues.

One-Time Update*

— Valid 1 Support Ticket —
$ 129
  • ( one-time payment )
  • For Updating Under-Maintained WordPress Websites
  • This service covers the essential updates required for WordPress to function properly. Plugins, Themes, and Core Files—everything is covered to ensure that your client's website is always functional and secure.

One-Time Cleanup

— Valid 1 Support Ticket —
$ 199
  • ( one-time payment )
  • Malware Infection Emergency
    Removal Service
  • This highly specialized service will get your website back online in no time.
    It will also ensure that it is completely clean and protected to reduce the risk of future infections by applying hardening techniques.



Leave your worries about WordPress behind because whether we have developed a project for you (or not yet), you are not alone in the dark.

If you have any WordPress related issues, just get in touch with AURA as we can fix the most common cases and also the odd ones, through our One Time Fix and One Time Cleanup services:

One-Time Fix: perfect for solving small issues or requiring minor tasks. A minor task may be something we can take care of in 60 minutes or less.

One-Time Cleanup: emergency malware infection removal service. It is helpful to get your website back online in no time by cleaning and securing it, to minimize the risk of future infections.

One-Time Update: for updating under-maintained WordPress websites. This service covers the essential updates required for WordPress to function properly. Plugins, Themes and Core Files, everything is covered to ensure that your client’s website is always functional and secure.

Get the most comprehensive on-demand WordPress Support Services on the market at affordable prices, exclusive for Partner Agencys.

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Yes. We require payment first because these are prepaid services.

This also secures instant support on your issue by assigning a WordPress expert, who will work until it is resolved.

Our service is 24/7 and support tickets are worked on in the order they are received. As soon as you submit your ticket details, a team member is assigned to solve it.

We strive to resolve all issues within a few hours from the ticket reception, but it depends on the complexity of the case and the particularities of the website. We aim to provide a same day turnaround!

We have three teams. Everyone works 8 hours a day. This allows us to be available 24 hours a day six days a week, plus Sundays we have emergency guards.

This is very important because we work for agencies around the world with different time zones running and business models.

We have a cutting-edge ticketing system that allows you to communicate with your agent instantly.

You will also be notified directly of any updates on the status of your tickets via email. In addition, you can use our dedicated support chat as well.

Yes. Our team is highly skilled in all issues related to WordPress.

This includes WordPress core framework, themes and plugins. We are also very familiar with WordPress hosting setup and management.

We can fix any individual request involving WordPress. A single request is the specific task you want us to complete and which you describe when submitting your support ticket details.

We can solve problems caused by plugins, templates, malware infections, among others. Also resolve white screen of death, WooCommerce issues, you name it.

Common WordPress Issues

  • Troubleshoot and fix theme errors in WordPress
  • Troubleshoot and fix WordPress plugin errors
  • Troubleshoot and fix WordPress contact form errors
  • Troubleshoot and fix WordPress image issues
  • Troubleshoot and fix a media upload error in WordPress
  • Troubleshoot and fix 404 error, broken links, or redirect issues
  • Troubleshoot and fix WordPress core file errors
  • Troubleshoot and fix a WordPress White Screen of Death
  • Troubleshoot and fix a WordPress internal server error
  • Fix WordPress database connection strings
  • Unable to log in to WordPress

The following are just some of the maintenance tasks we can perform on your behalf.

Keep in mind that only up to three tasks can be included, which can be completed in no more than one hour. In the event that your website requires more than three tasks or that the sum of total effort exceeds more than 60 minutes, it will be necessary to open another support ticket paying its corresponding cost.

You can also hire our web audit service to analyze all the tasks that your WordPress site requires. In this way, we can then offer you a personalized budget that fits your maintenance case.

Common Maintenance Tasks

  • Install, change or update a theme
  • Install, activate or update a plugin
  • Optimize WordPress database
  • Remove bulk comments in WordPress
  • Optimize images in WordPress
  • Preventing WordPress comment spam
  • Remove and clean out comment spam
  • Update WordPress to a new version
  • Improve WordPress security (hardening)
  • Install and configure a caching plugin
  • Provide a backup of your website

Below there’s an outline of the typical scope (SOW) of WordPress management tasks and hosting panels setup.

If any task of your interest is missing, we kindly ask you to send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Common Management Tasks

  • Install WordPress
  • Update, activate or reset WordPress permalinks
  • Move or Copy WordPress files to another folder
  • Create and activate a child theme in WordPress
  • Configure and install an SSL certificate
  • Import or export WordPress database
  • WordPress config file changes
  • Setup WordPress redirects
  • Install a comment system in WordPress
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Modify or configure DNS settings
  • Change the domain in WordPress
  • Setup and activate a CDN Service
  • Database find and replace

In those cases where we identify that a task could take more than 30 minutes, we’ll let you know in advance so you can decide the next steps to follow.

Usually, we first address the issue and then let you know what your best options are so that it can be resolved in the most convenient way.

If the problem has a certain complexity due to its nature or the dependencies involved, you have the possibility to buy blocks of time at an affordable price.

Yes. Our service requires that you pay in advance the price marked for the required task, regardless of how long it takes to be completed.

We receive tickets that can be resolved in minutes and also some that take several hours based on the complexity and yet we don’t always charge the extra corresponding to the additional effort.


The One-Time Update service does not cover plugins and themes developed under the custom modality. Additionally, it excludes updates to plugins and themes with a premium license. In such cases, the partner agency or its client must provide AURA with the corresponding activation credentials for correct updating.

Furthermore, it does not cover issues, malfunctions, or infected websites. For such cases, you can choose between One-Time Fix or One-Time Cleanup services, depending on your website's situation.


At AURA, we strive to provide you with an optimal user experience, but technology is unpredictable.

If something doesn’t work as you expect while browsing this site, please let us know. We will fix it as soon as we can to improve UX.

Thanks in advance for your time.
Webmaster @ Aura

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