We only work for agencies as a white label partner.
We don’t work directly for end clients.

We want to meet you, as well as that you can try 100% RISK-FREE the quality of our white label work.

Starting with a small one-page project is a practical way to get to know each other, on the other hand, it will allow you to test the quality of our white label work with the peace of mind of paying once the project is done, and only if you are satisfied with the result.

Working together will be a great experience for both, we know you’ll love it. That’s it. No catches and no fine print!

This promo is valid only for agencies.
You can trust Aura.

Features You'll Love!

We are super happy to release this RISK-FREE PROMO with
outstanding features you've been waiting for.
White Label WordPress
Powered Website With
Elementor Builder
24/7 World-Class Support
& 90-Days Bug Fixing
Affordable Hourly Rate
& Fixed-Price Quote
Promo Valid Only for
Guaranty Get it First,
Pay it Later

How it Works

We want to exceed your expectations from day one by
running a fast, simple and reliable process.

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    — FAQ —

    This means that you can try the quality of our work with the peace of mind of paying once the project is finished and only if you are satisfied with the result. A really stress-free experience.

    Agencies only. This promo is not valid for end customers. Aura only works as a white label subcontractor for agencies.

    Your agency gets a WordPress development of superior quality 100% at Risk-Free. This promo, unique in its class, includes a one-page website of up to seven (7) sections and with standard features.

    Project development is done using Elementor Page Builder.

    We code all sites with close attention to detail. In addition to quality checking all projects, we also guarantee the result by offering 90 days of free bug fix.

    No. We work behind the scenes as an invisible subcontractor only for agencies, so our work is totally white label and we don’t display any in portfolio

    We understand that it’s something natural that you want to take a look at our work before hiring us, but as a white label provider, Aura really takes the confidentiality of our partner’s agency very seriously. That is the reason why of this risk-free promo.

    No. We insist that confidentiality is a really important point for us, and it is the basis on which we build long-term relationships with partner agencies.

    We are certain that you will know how to value this attitude from the day your agency joins Aura. Surely you do not want us to reveal your identity, revealing that at some time you do not have the ability to solve some projects in-house, no matter what the reason is.

    You see it? That is why we are proud to be impeccable with our confidentiality policy.

    The Quality Control process (QA) is an essential stage. We develop each WordPress site under quality standards by applying best practices in a way that allows us to offer superior results.

    Our QA Process focuses on achieving the desired level of quality in each project, paying attention to every aspect involved in its production.

    In spite of that, in our WordPress team, even the most talented web developers are still human and might miss something, so it is a great idea to execute this phase along with the partner agency and verify everything in a double process check.

    Yes. At the end of each WordPress development, we provide you with a useful well-structured project documentation, reducing the support burden of your team.

    Also, you can get an optional video tutorial for your client at an affordable price.

    This promo is valid only for a First One-page WordPress Development and is limited to 1 project per agency.

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Aura General Terms & Conditions apply to this promo.

    2. This promo applies only to agencies and is available only for the first development of a one-page WordPress project.

    3. This promo is not valid for end customers, since Aura only promos its services to partner Agencies.

    4. This promo is not transferred to other services promoed by Aura.

    5. This promo does not include design service, hosting service, development of plugins, custom advanced functionalities, content creation, and does not include page speed optimization service.

    6. This promo is valid only for the development of a one-page WordPress project up to seven (7) sections and only for one language.

    7. This promo does not apply to multi-page website development projects.

    8. This promo does not apply to multi-language website development projects.

    9. To participate in this promo, the partner agency must complete all the information required in the form below, also attach a brief with the details of the functionalities, requirements and scope of the project.

    10. Likewise, to participate in this promo, the partner agency must accept an initial meeting to discuss the scope of the project, details of functionalities and specific requirements, being able to choose between receiving a phone call or scheduling a virtual meeting.

    11. Aura reviews all agencies requirements briefs and reserves the right to accept, deny or cancel at any time for any reason projects that exceed the scope of this promo, either due to its complexity or any other reason by giving written notice to you.

    12. This promo is valid only for the development of a one-page website using the latest version of WordPress and Elementor. This promo does not include the use of any other page builder than Elementor.

    13. If the project that the partner agency has in mind does not apply to the terms and conditions of this promo, you can still request a quote under the general terms and conditions that apply to the standard contracting of the services promoed by Aura.

    14. Be aware that generally, and with the exception of this promo, Aura requires a 50% down payment before starting any project, and the rest of the payment after the project has finished and before its migration or delivery of final files.

    15. Keep in mind that to receive a fixed-price quote, the partner agency must choose a phone call or schedule a virtual meeting as a contact option. Otherwise, any project will be beyond the scope of this promo and may not participate.

    16. According to this promo and without exception, all projects will be developed under the Aura’s white label environment.

    17. If the partner agency in accordance with its own interests considers and wants its project to be developed in its own development environment, in this case, the contracting agency must pay the total amount of the project in advance, before the start of the development process.

    18. Under the terms of this promo, the associated agency will only have the right to demand the final delivery of its project only if it has complied with point number seven (7) ” Invoice Receipt & Payment ” established in the section “How it works”. In other words, the partner agency must have received the invoice sent by Aura and must have paid the total amount of the project. Otherwise, Aura reserves the right to deliver the final files and / or migrate the website.

    19. Aura is committed to trying to meet the expectations of the partner agency and will strive to make all necessary adjustments to the development project whenever they are reasonable, until the partner agency is happy with the final results.

    20. If the partner agency for any reason feels dissatisfied with the results obtained and decides not to pay Aura for the work done, the partner agency must send a letter explaining in detail the reasons for their disagreement. Aura reserves all rights to accept these arguments.

    21. After accepting the disagreement argument expressed by the partner agency, Aura will make a sincere effort to find an equitable solution that satisfactorily reverses this situation until reaching the expected results. If, despite this action in good faith, the partner agency still refuses its responsibility to pay for the development received, Aura will initiate a legal process claiming its right to receive the corresponding payment for the work performed in accordance with the terms of this promo.

    22. This special promo cannot be used with future or existing Aura offers, and cannot be combined with any other promo.

    23. Aura reserves the right to change the features and / or terms and conditions of this promo at any time.

    Legal Disclaimer

    1. Aura will not be liable in any way for rejecting requests sent by end customers since this promo is valid only for agencies, this means that this promo is not valid and does not apply to end customers.

    2. Aura will not be liable in any way for the problems that could occur between the partner agency and its end customer, being that, in front of Aura, the partner agency is the only one responsible for complying with the terms and conditions of this promo.

    3. Aura will not be liable in any way for problems that may occur regarding hosting providers or any other service not promoed by Aura.

    4. Aura will not be liable in any way for the problems that may occur related to the incorrect project management by the partner agency, or any other reason linked to significant changes on-the-fly in the project requirements, scope, calendar, and / or disagreements between the partner agency and its end customer.

    5. Aura will not be liable in any way and for any reason for any other problem that may occur outside of the initial quotation and the agreement accepted between Aura and the partner agency.

    6. Aura will not be liable in any way for problems that may occur regarding any point not expressed in writing in the terms and conditions of this promo.